Electrical Loads Analysis (ELA)

Codarra Advanced Systems has developed software to measure electrical loads on transportation platforms. Based on the MIL-E-7016F standard for aircraft, ELA can be used on any aerial, ground and naval transport platforms.
With this software, you can...

With this software, you can...

  • Analyse your platform's electrical load requirements and generation capacity;
  • Model electrical systems with drag and drop circuit component entry;
  • Identify and report on any imbalance of electrical loads across any number of phases;
  • Build a database that lets you maintain a history of electrical load designs.

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Indicative prices for ELA licences
ELA Server Software Licence (One seat)$31,296.00
Server Maintenance (per annum)$5,010.00
ELA Additional Seat Licence$ 26,080.00
Seat Maintenance (per annum)$4,360.00
For prices on multiple seats please contact Codarra.