Custom Training

Complementary skills, governance and leadership

Our training and consulting offering is designed to enable you to successfully align individuals with the best mix of skillsets to your work. Alongside guidance from best practice, we firmly believe that complementary skills, such as leadership, emotional intelligence, effective listening and stakeholder management are fundamental.

Some of the roles and jobs involved in projects and programmes that would benefit from further developing these skills are team members, project office staff, team leaders, project managers and the project board, including project executives (sponsors). At the programme level, staff involved as programme managers, business change managers, design authorities and a programme board (including executive) are some that we regularly work with.

Naturally, a project and programme should not work in isolation from the rest of an organisation, so we cater for the complex interfaces between the project and programme space and the organisation, in designing and delivering the most appropriate training for you. Examples of our training design and delivery include executive level briefings, overviews, workshops, half day and one day sessions to cater to your specific requirements. Expert facilitation, coaching and mentoring are also available.

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