Live Review and Study Sessions

When you purchase one of our Online Self-Paced Courses, we want to ensure that you have the best support possible so that you get the most out of your investment in training.

We offer two types of review and study sessions, designed to allow you to answer any questions that arise from training as well as dig deeper into the theory for better understanding.

This is especially important prior to attempting a foundation or practitioner examination.

The 1 hour one on one virtual review consultation with a Codarra accredited trainer can be booked at a convenient time and allows exclusive access to our trainer.

Further consultations may be booked if required.

The 30 minute group virtual study sessions are again led by a Codarra accredited trainer. These are limited to a group of 8 people at a time. Advantages of our group sessions are that you have the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns in an open forum, gaining further insight from other participants as well as our trainer. These sessions may be purchased as required and generally run once per week at scheduled times.

Both options are available for purchase as options with an Online Self-Paced Course, or separately as required.